In 1977, Alabama Hard Surfacing, Inc. pioneered overlaying steel plate for wear liners. We specialize in overlaying steel plate. Since we fabricate and overlay side liners for a wide variety of crusher equipment, we are able to service a wide range of companies. We sometimes get drawings of a customer’s specific part. Other times, they send us the actual new or used part for us to make the drawing. We then catalog numbers for each drawing in order to reference it the next time our customer needs the part. By using the catalog number, we can quickly access the information on the needs of the individual customer. This cuts down on lead time it takes to get the customer their parts.

Our Super Wear©Plate is the best chromium carbide plate on the market. In terms of quality we always guarantee double-wear life over factory parts. Most of our customers insist that our overlay parts give them many times that number as well as trouble free operation.

Our customer base is:

  •  Coal industries
  •  Power plants
  •  Cement producers
  •  Limestone producers
  •  Lime producers
  •  Paper mills
  •  Wood companies

We will furnish a list of satisfied customers upon request.