In 1983, Alabama Hard Surfacing, Inc. was one of the first companies to rebuild and hard-surface CE ni-hard pulverizer rolls. We always guarantee double wear life on our ni-hard and steel pulverizer rolls, over new foundry castings. All orders, regardless of size, are dispatched promptly to give our customers fast service for maintenance repairs.

In 1993, Alabama Hard Surfacing, Inc. expanded our inventory to include welding rods and welding wires. This came at the request of some of our customers who do repair work in their mills. They suggested we develop a build-up and hard-surfacing material with our alloys that would aid them in touching up parts in their mills. This proved to be a move in the right direction. Our customers were extremely satisfied with our welding materials. We are striving to achieve new goals and obtain new business each year.

In 1975, Alabama Hard Surfacing, Inc. saw the crushing industry’s need for better welding alloys and techniques. Our mission has been geared toward finding the best way to utilize our talent and resources to fill that need. Over the years, we have grown into one of the world’s largest re-builders of steel and manganese crusher hammers.

In 1977, Alabama Hard Surfacing, Inc. pioneered the hard surfacing of low carbon steel base plate-which is now known as chromium carbide overlay plate. Our unique process of fabricating with chromium carbide overly plate, enables our parts, such as chute or side liners, to be fabricated in various thicknesses. Our Super Wear©Plate can be used for any kind of wear problem.